Huge camera upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71


When it comes to getting a mobile that takes good photos, it is essential to have a hardware to match. But, as the announcement says, power without control is useless and this is where the software of each manufacturer comes into action. That is why we are so happy to see as the great camera features of Samsung’s range caps now land in its mid-range. Specifically in Samsung Galaxy A51 and Samsung Galaxy A71.

And is that right now Samsung is launching a new firmware update for the two mid-range of the firm. These are two of the best-selling mobiles in recent months, ranking it among the most purchased devices by users on Amazon. Best of all, it is not one of those reviews that apply a security patch and little else, since it brings many of the best features of the Galaxy S20 camera to phones.

Samsung Galaxy A71 star background

Improving the Galaxy camera

Interestingly, all of these features come now when they weren’t part of the One UI 2.1 update that was released for the Galaxy A51 two months ago. We had to wait for this version to land on the Galaxy A71 so that the two mobiles can now take advantage of some of the best functions found in the top of the range of the Korean brand.

Recall that the Galaxy S20 line was the first to hit the market with One UI 2.1 with a full Pro mode for the camera (photos and video). This is precisely one of the great novelties that this firmware update brings to the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71, a professional recording mode that includes manual focus and shutter speed control. An addition that is more than welcome because, although the mobiles already had a manual mode, it really left a lot to be desired.

Others Galaxy S20 camera features that have been adapted to work with the mid-range smartphones of the phone manufacturer include Night Hyperlapse and My Filters that allows you to create your own filters based on a preset edition. To this we must add the interesting unique Capture mode that, thanks to AI, allows us to capture a certain moment using several different camera modes simultaneously, collecting videos, gifs and different photos with a single press.

Other new features that no longer have to do with the camera and are also in this update for Samsung phones are Quick Share and Music Share. New keyboard and gallery functions are also included.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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