Hyper Scape Season 1 “The First Principle” now available on PC – WePC

Ubisoft covers some of these new features in a blog post posted on the Hyper Scape official website. First, Hyper Scape’s arsenal includes some new features, namely the muted semi-automatic precision dragonfly rifle and a new magnet hack that attracts and captures enemies trapped within its area of ​​effect.

Next up is a brand new player reporting tool that represents what Ubisoft calls the “next phase” in its ongoing fraud removal efforts. Currently, players can only report squadmates. Coverage of enemy players is scheduled for later. There is also a new Contender’s Code (read Code of Conduct):


Help us keep Neo Arcadia clean! Prisma Dimensions has a zero tolerance policy towards hate speech, harassment and threats. Excessive aggression towards your competitors leads to an impact.


Crown Rush Champions play with honor. Users who break game rules or use unauthorized code will be banned quickly. We encourage you to continue to be a part of Hyper Scape by respecting its terms.


Team communication improves the chances of winning. You agree to cooperate with Squadmates, including (but not limited to) replying to pings, requests for support, and in-game messages.


The Hyper Scape is created by you, our valued users. Prisma Dimensions insists that you report disruptive behavior through the Player Reporting Tool.

Hyper Scape’s Twitch integration features are enhanced by nine event cards that make the game better in interesting ways. Lethal Melee turns all melee attacks into one-hit kills. Kudos allows viewers to trigger visual effects to either encourage or demoralize their favorite streamers. However, these will cost you Twitch Bits. Season 1 is also designed to help streamers avoid stream snipers and the like, thanks to what Ubisoft calls Streamer Protection. Here is the blurb:

“In addition to being able to anonymize the names of everyone else in your game and add a hidden delay in matchmaking, streamers can now anonymize their own names so that they appear with a default name for all other players.”

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