I AM 3/2020 – my inner strength

Courage is the beginning of everything – that’s what it says on the cover of the new issue of our magazine ICH BIN. But what does it actually mean to be brave? When is it courage, when is it carelessness? And where do I get the courage from when I need it?

When was the last time you were brave? And anyway, what does it mean for you to be brave? What yardstick do you apply to yourself and which yardsticks would you have to orientate yourself in order to be considered courageous by others? These are all questions that we raise in this booklet. To “encourage” you to face your big and small fears more openly and constructively. And to strengthen your confidence in yourself when it comes to making decisions that are not without risk and the consequences of which are often not foreseeable at the moment the decision is made.

Dare to do something

Sure, you’re always smarter afterwards. But as long as you make a decision to the best of your knowledge and belief, a decision is okay, even if you looked at it differently. With this attitude, it is easier to trust and trust yourself, even if a critical review cannot hurt – at least when it comes to learning something and not constantly nagging at yourself and your decisions and ultimately at them to despair.

Am I a hero too?

Of course, not everyone is born a hero, luckily. A world full of heroes would be terrible, wouldn’t it? But every now and then a little heroic act is good for us: a heroic victory over the inner bastard after a long struggle with this our favorite enemy, or a step that we haven’t dared to take in a long time, although we knew that we would go for it to have. Sometimes we are even brave without realizing it. For example when we say things, do things that we take for granted. Because we are very good at these things and are convinced that we are right. And we often only really become aware of this when others say to us that they would never have dared to do it in life and pat us on the back appreciatively. Sure, sometimes they do it out of relief that they didn’t have to do it themselves. But that’s okay, that’s how we humans are.

On the trail of your courage

So let us invite you to follow the traces of your own courage and discover that you too have the heart of a lioness – even without a roar of struggle and without ambitions for your own memorial. Take the first step of this journey and accept the offer that we are making with this issue of the magazine.

Here is the I AM

The ICH BIN, issue 3/2020, is now available at the kiosks. The current magazine and older editions can also be obtained online from our time-out webshop or www.heftkaufen.de. We are very happy about every new subscriber! Visit our AUSZEIT website and find the latest inspiration on our Facebook profile.

I AM reading online

Like its sister magazines AUSZEIT and DIGITAL TELEVISION, ICH BIN is available on many online platforms, here is an overview:
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