Ice machines in test 2020: bestsellers and recommendations

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Make delicious ice cream yourself? No problem – if you have an ice machine at home. GIGA shows you the best models in different price ranges and explains what to look for when buying.

Ice machines are extremely practical helpers, not only in times of Corona. With the devices, you no longer have to go outside to get a tasty ice cream. Ice cream makers are also ideal for trying out your own creations, for example by putting delicious chocolate bars in the ice or including your favorite fruit. Slush ice is often only available in cinemas and at fairs. With the right ice machine, you can soon provide your friends and family with delicious slush ice cream, even without having a hustle and bustle in the city.


  1. The best soft ice cream machine: MVPower ice cream machine
  2. The best slush ice machine: Nostalgia Slush Maker
  3. The best ice machine with a self-cooling compressor: Springlane Kitchen ice machine Emma
  4. The best ice cream maker with a large container: Unold Profi Plus 48880

The best ice machines in 2020: All GIGA recommendations at a glance

placement product price offer
Best soft ice cream machine MVPower ice machine 54 euros To Amazon
Best slush ice machine Nostalgia Slush Maker 64 euros To Amazon
Best ice machine with self-cooling compressor Springlane Kitchen Emma 260 euros To Amazon
Best ice cream maker with a large container Unold Profi Plus 48880 385 euros To Amazon

The best soft ice cream machine: MVPower ice cream machine

MVPower ice machine 2L

MVPower ice machine 2L

The MVPower ice cream maker offers plenty of scope to develop your own ice cream creations. Soft ice cream, frozen yoghurt and sorbets can be made in no time at all. Through the upper opening on the container, ingredients such as chocolate chips or fruit can also be added afterwards. The ice is ready to be plastered within 20 to 45 minutes. With the help of the timer, the process does not require a monitoring eye.

To put the ice machine into operation, the container must first be packed in the refrigerator compartment for 8 to 12 hours. In the meantime, the ingredients for the ice cream rest in the fridge until they are filled into the ice cream maker and mixed together to form a creamy ice cream mass. The container can be stored in the freezer until it is consumed. The scope of delivery also includes a recipe book with classic ice cream recipes.


  • low price
  • mixes all ingredients to a homogeneous mass
  • many possible uses
  • easy cleaning


The best slush ice machine: Nostalgia Slush Maker

Nostalgia Slush Maker

Nostalgia Slush Maker

If you don’t want to wait in the cinema or for the next hype for a delicious slush ice cream, you can now simply prepare it in your own home. The slush maker from Nostalgia conjures up slush ice in two different versions from ice cubes: If the turret is set to “Slush”, a fine and creamy ice cream is created, whereas it roughly knocks the ice when it is set to “Snow”.

With a syrup or fruit juice of your choice, the slush is given its fruity sweetness. Unlike professional slush ice machines, the ice is not kept cool all the time. This is usually not necessary for home use – finished ice cream that is not immediately consumed can ultimately also be stored in the freezer. The 1 liter container provides several family members with slush ice. Unfortunately, due to the material, the product does not promise long-lasting pleasure.


  • Slush ice cream to your own taste
  • large container
  • two preparation options


  • Build quality could be better

The best ice machine with a self-cooling compressor: Springlane Kitchen Emma

Springlane Kitchen ice cream maker Emma with self-cooling compressor

Springlane Kitchen Emma ice cream maker with self-cooling compressor

The Emma ice machine is a higher-priced ice machine. The price difference results from the self-cooling compressor, which does not make it necessary to freeze the container, as is the case with the MVPower machine. The ice cream machine is immediately ready for use and prepares delicious ice cream of all kinds in just under 45 minutes. The supplied recipe book provides inspiration for the first preparations.

Since the ice cream from Emma is so delicious, the 1.5 liter container is unfortunately a bit small. With a lot of mass, the machine is a little difficult, and it is also quite loud. The cleaning of the individual parts is particularly easy. Although they are not dishwasher safe, the cleaning process only takes a few minutes.


  • creamy ice cream (like from an ice cream parlor)
  • quick and easy cleaning
  • many ice cream variations possible


  • Container a bit too small
  • a bit loud

The best ice cream maker with a large container: Unold Profi Plus 48880

Unold 48880 ice machine

Unold 48880 ice machine

The best ice cream maker with a large ice cream container is the Unold ice cream maker 48880. It shines through easy cleaning and operation. The first impression is the high-quality workmanship of the stainless steel housing together with its modern look. Despite the space-saving design, the 2.5 liter container holds a good portion of ice cream that you can not only share with the entire (large) family, but also with visitors.

However, a gearwheel inside that transmits the turning power to the agitator is weakly constructed and easily prone to breakage. The manufacturer helps out with spare parts that are easy to install even with little manual understanding. However, the agitator, even with a functioning gear, is the biggest weak point of the Unold ice machine 48880. The power is completely sufficient for sorbets, but it can quickly reach its limits with cream or milk ice cream. Especially when there is a lot of content to stir.


  • easy to clean
  • high quality
  • modern look
  • easy operation


  • Cogwheels inside the machine are prone to breakage
  • Agitator quickly reaches its limits

Ice machines in the test: This is how we selected the best

The recommendations in this article are based on the evaluation and weighting of user experiences.

Buy ice cream maker: you should know that

Already in our product overview it becomes clear: The products differ not only from each other in their equipment and functionality, but also in their price. Ice machines with a compressor are significantly more expensive than ice machines without. In the following paragraph we explain why this is the case and where exactly there is a difference between the different functions.

Ice machine with cooling unit: Ice machines with a cooling unit are a cheap purchase. With these devices, the ice bucket must be stored in the refrigerator compartment up to 24 hours before production before it can be filled. Only then is the ice cream maker able to produce a creamy ice cream from the prepared ingredients. The container with ice can then be stored in the refrigerator until it is consumed. In contrast to ice machines with a compressor, these machines cannot satisfy spontaneous ice cream appetites.

Ice machine with compressor: These types of ice machines are usually several hundred euros expensive, but allow ice cream to be prepared without any preparatory measures. The compressor is used to cool down the ingredients in the container to the desired temperature. Depending on the ingredients and performance of the compressor, a temperature of up to -38 ° C is possible. The stirring insert in the container mixes the already frozen components with the warmer ones.

Slush ice machine: A slush ice machine is similar to a crushed ice maker. The syrup and ice cubes are placed in a container in which the ice is crushed until the typical slushy consistency is obtained. Frozen fruit juice can also be used instead of normal ice cubes. The dream of own slushy creations knows no limits with a slush ice machine.

A sister model of the “Emma” presented above is the spring lane “Elisa 2-in-1 ice machine and yogurt maker”. The official manufacturer video shows what is possible:

What are the advantages of ice machines?
If you have diabetes, lactose intolerance or allergies, eating outside ice cream is difficult or at least stressful. Vegans face similar problems: Not only in ice cream parlors, but also in supermarkets, the selection of suitable ice creams is limited or not available at all. Sometimes overpriced products with inferior ingredients are on the shelves. If you own an ice cream maker, you can decide which ingredients are used for the cold dessert. Creative desserts lovers can consciously experiment to create their own ice cream creation that no ice cream parlor or supermarket in the world can buy.

How long can homemade ice cream last?
Freezing lots of ice in stock sounds like a great idea at first. Especially when the ice machine container has capacity for a lot of ice. However, there are limits to the shelf life of the ice cream: anyone who made their ice cream with egg and / or cream should use it up within a week. Otherwise the ice has to be thrown away – and no one likes that.

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Other alternatives to the ice cream maker
Probably the simplest, but also the most strenuous alternative to make your own ice cream is to prepare it by hand. This requires a stable whisk, with which the ingredients have to be mixed long enough to be placed in the freezer. Since the procedure is exhausting and tedious, this type of preparation is not suitable for regular production. Anyone who owns a food processor like the Thermomix can also use it to make ice cream. With additional accessories, they can usually be quickly converted into an ice machine. A frozen fruit ice cream can also be conjured up quickly with frozen fruit. With yoghurt or a little milk, the fruit ice cream can be upgraded according to your own taste.

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