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icons, widget and wallpaper

icons, widget and wallpaper

With Action Launcher and modifying elements like icons, you can achieve this simple, but beautiful aesthetic.

Personalization is one of our favorite sections, since it allows us to give the look we want to our Android, even with Banksy’s latest work. In this article we want to propose a simple, but elegant and very beautiful style for your mobile, Composed of icons, widget, launcher and wallpaper that you can get right here.

This customization published on Reddit is the work of the user “Delly_Ottis”, who has opted to design a simple aesthetic that will give your phone a clean look. If you like this type of themes for your mobile, we remind you that you can also personalize it with the most minimalist aesthetics, ideal to avoid distractions.

Simple Android customization

A Reddit user has created this simple, but beautiful aesthetic for your mobile

Personalize your Android with a simple style: icons, widget and wallpaper

Much of the visual weight of this customization falls on the wallpaper, which is barely overshadowed by icons (right side) and a widget (left side) with minimal presence. This leads to a minimalist aesthetic that we will shed item by item so you can apply it to your mobile without problems.

Delly_Ottis himself is in charge of explaining that the launcher he has used is Action Launcher, which you can download for free from Google Play Store and that will allow you to customize the phone as much as possible.

The next element that will allow you to achieve this beautiful aesthetic is the widget located on the left side, which informs you about the day, time and weather situation of the city you choose. Specifically, it is the Ornate for KWGT Pro app widget 21, that you can also download on your mobile from the Android application store.

It is time to modify the icons of the phone to achieve that minimalist aesthetic that we see in the image above. The icon pack used by the user comes from the application “Flight Lite – Simple Icons”, free from the Play Store. In case this group of icons is not compatible with your device, the author of the design recommends using the app Icon Pack Studio, which also serves to achieve a minimalist aesthetic almost identical to the one created by him.

The final touch to achieve the simple and elegant style of this article is the wallpaper, in which we see the corner of a building and dominated by the colors blue and dark red. This image comes from the Unique Wallpaper – Wall X app, but you can save yourself its installation and download it directly from this link.

In short, Action Launcher, the KWGT Pro widget 21, the Flight Lite app – Simple Icons and the previous wallpaper are the 4 elements you need to adapt the aesthetics of your mobile to that created by “Delly_Ottis”, an ideal style for escape an overloaded interface and, above all, to avoid distractions. Do you want to use it on your Android?

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