If you have a Samsung you have to try this app to control your mobile

The Korean manufacturer has an application that will allow you to control your Samsung mobile or tablet in a simple way and with one hand.

If you have a Samsung smartphone you should try One-handed operation +, an application that allows you to control your mobile. For example, you could use it in the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra, the new flagship buses of the South Korean company.

One-handed operation + is an application developed by Samsung itself and that can be install for free from the Google Play Store. An app that allows the user to easily use their device using finger gestures thumb of hand. In this way, when the function is set, a slim gesture handle is added to the left / right side of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S20, front

Front of the Samsung Galaxy S20.

By sliding this control you can execute a series of defined functions, such as opening the notification panel or the flashlight, among others. The company highlights, in this regard, that the default function is the most used back button. However, users can configure various functions for gestures both horizontal and diagonal in the upper and lower direction.

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An app to control your mobile using just one hand

One hand operation + app

One-handed operation +, an app you need on your Samsung phone.

But it is not all, since once the short swipe gestures, users can configure even more functions for long swipe gestures. Depending on the size of the hand or the thickness of the thumb, the application provides different settings to optimize gesture recognition.

Of course, the Asian manufacturer recommends configuring the controller as thin as possible for gesture recognition. In addition to the currently available features, Samsung has confirmed that they are working to provide updates to Additional functions. Therefore, if you have a smartphone or tablet from the Korean firm, feel free to try this application to control your device in a different and simple way.

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