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If you see the error “This application is no longer shared with you” has fix

by Tejas Dhawan

No one is perfect, much less Apple. The company’s operating systems are usually very stable and secure, it is one of the standards of the brand, but at the same time they are very complex, and occasionally a bug appears that quickly solve from Cupertino.

Yesterday one of these code errors appeared on the iPhones of some users. When they tried to run a certain application, a message appeared saying that this app cannot be shared with the family. At the moment, while Apple fixes it, there is a “home fix”.

Yesterday, social networks echoed an error that has begun to appear on some iOS devices. Several iPhone and iPad users have complained about a system error while trying to run certain applications on their devices.

The message «appears on the screenThis app is no longer shared with you»And asked to” buy “the app from the App Store again. The problem seems to affect a large number of iPhone users regardless of whether they are using Family Sharing or not.

Delete the application and reinstalling it from the App Store seems to solve the problem, but this leads to data loss, especially if one doesn’t have iCloud backup enabled. The problem only seems to affect select apps like WhatsApp and YouTube, although the reason why this is happening is still unclear.

Momentary solution

Screen shots

Follow these steps to reinstall an app without losing its associated data.

Most likely, from Cupertino already have put to solve the problemBut in the meantime, you can try this solution to get WhatsApp, YouTube and any other application that produces a “no longer shares with you” error to work on your iPhone.

  1. Open Settings, go to General> iPhone Storage. In the list of applications that are displayed, find the application that shows the error and click on «Uninstall app«. Quiet, no data will be removed from the app.
  2. Go back to the home screen and tap on the app icon you just uninstalled. Your device will notify you that it re-downloads it, and will reinstall it.

Once the application is reinstalled, the error will no longer appear and you can use it with all your data as you previously had.

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