If you thought the iPhone was expensive, wait until you see this special edition

This gold-coated iPhone 12 can be all yours as long as you have a lot of money in your checking account.

There are many users who consider that Apple sells its devices at a much higher price than the real value. According to these people, iPhones are not really innovative terminals and some even consider them a scam. Of course, then they are always the best-selling smartphones.

So if you are one of those who think that the future Apple terminal, the iPhone 12, will be another expensive terminal, that’s because you haven’t seen this version of the Caviar brand totally covered in gold. Without a doubt, this iPhone is expensive.

Here’s what this gold-covered iPhone 12 will cost

iPhone 12 gold

Caviar to launch its own version of the iPhone 12 with gold

If you are regulars at Andro4all, the Caviar firm will not be unknown to you. It is a brand that is dedicated to making reviews of the most popular phones of the moment like those of Apple or Samsung and to sell them at an exorbitant price. A clear example is this iPhone inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck and that has a very cheap price, just $ 20,000.

And be careful, because the firm is unstoppable and has already announced that the new iPhone 12 will have a Caviar version, more specifically one covered in 18-karat gold. As we read from GizChina, it will be called Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Victory Pure Gold (what a name) and will represent the national flower of Russia. In addition to gold, it will also carry diamonds and a luxury leather case with gold finishes, which we assume will be the cheapest of the pack.

The best of all of course will be its price, $ 23,000. Of course they will be limited units and although it is really tacky, we do not doubt that it will have its audience like almost everything Caviar does. Now we can say that this iPhone is sold at a price of gold.

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