Images of the Huawei Mate V, a folding alternative to the Galaxy Z Flip


The folding mobile phone market is growing little by little, although it does so at a fairly slow speed, now in many cases we are getting to know the second generation of these terminals, and sometimes new models. Like the new folding mobile, the Huawei Mate V, which seeks to respond to the Galaxy Z Flip or the Razr and its shell design.

Motorola has been the first brand to launch a foldable mobile phone with a flexible screen with the classic shell design, with its Razr, a move that was replicated soon after by Samsung with the Galaxy Z Flip. Now it seems that Huawei it will follow the same path with a foldable format that in the long run seems to be the most popular.

First render of the mobile Huawei shell format

As we say, it seems that this shell type format seems to be the most popular in the future of the folding mobile, it is not the most extravagant format, but it certainly seems that it will be the most practical for users. On this occasion we echo some information that shows the first render of what would be the first folding shell-type mobile from the Chinese firm.

Huawei Mate V

We are talking about Huaweri Mate V, a phone that a few days ago was leaked from the plans of a patent detailing the schematic design of this terminal. Based on these patents, Lets Go Digital have created the renderings that show us the design of this new folding device. In them we can see a phone a priori quite similar to the Galaxy Z Flip, more at least than the Motorola folding. In the case of this Huawei we can see several important differences in design.

The first is external display which is bigger than the Samsung, this screen shows the notifications of the apps and calls. It is also accompanied by a quadruple camera, a number of cameras that we have not seen so far in any mobile of this format. Although if what is on the side of these sensors is a TOF, we would talk about five rear cameras.

Huawei’s new Mate V family

It is also a phone that has a notch of significant size at the top of the screen, in the shape of an eyebrow, which undoubtedly represents a somewhat dated feature for what we are used to today. Especially if we compare it with the hole that the Samsung has. If we put one next to the other it is evident that between this phone and the Z Flip there are many similarities. Huawei has already patented the V family, which makes all the sense that this new range is called, with the V shape that the phone adopts when it is folded.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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