Images of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra before presenting


Next week the Chinese firm will present one of its most important mobiles not of the year, but of its history, so at least the characteristics expected for it are advancing us. Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, a phone that promises not to leave anyone indifferent. Especially since it could be the first to release several new technologies on the market.

Much is being speculated on the possible characteristics of the new top of the Chinese range, and right now there are different possibilities that open up before us when there are just a few days left for its presentation, along with new images with its design.

New design for the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

This phone, as its own surname indicates, seeks to be the most advanced mobile of the brand, as we have already seen in the Samsung range, it seems that in this case the price of the mobile will be ultra high, although there will be good reasons for this. Today we have known in an extra official way the first official mobile renderings, those that will be part of the marketing campaigns of the Chinese firm. In them you can see only part of the back of the phone, but this already advances us many things.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

Starting with a completely different design compared to what was seen in previous models of the brand and specifically in the Mi 10. Because we can see a different camera module, on the one hand with three sensors and an LED flash in a black rectangle, while in another silver color we find a fourth sensor, we understand the periscope, which is the one that would offer us the 120x zoom that so much had been rumored and that it would exceed Samsung’s 100x. Therefore, although the change is not drastic, we can appreciate a new design for this model. We can also see next to the silver model another with transparent design, as we saw in old editions of the Mi 8 for example.

With camera under the screen?

That is what they assured today on Twitter. Responding to Ice Universe’s tweet, Ross Young, an analyst specializing in the mobile screen market, assured that Xiaom’s new terminali will have a camera under the screen. Although at the same time it ensures that in return the volume will be very low. So this could be one of the surprises that Xiaomi’s phone brings us.

But it would not be the only one, because it could also premiere the faster charging technology of the world, with permission from OPPO, which could charge this phone in just over 15 minutes. A mobile that will stand out for an even better camera, as we have seen with a more powerful hybrid zoom, and for some unprecedented features in the industry.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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