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Images of the Xiaomi mobile that has integrated headphones

Images of the Xiaomi mobile that has integrated headphones


The patents of the different manufacturers allow us to take a look at the future. Sometimes they are gazes into the distant future, but other times they are traces of a reality that never occurs. Xiaomi bombs patent offices with ideas for your next smartphones. The one we have just seen now is possibly one of the most ingenious and most meaningful.

It is true that Today’s smartphones are gradually losing 3.5mm jack for connecting headphones. This leaves the door open to two options. Either headphones are connected through an adapter for the charging port, or Bluetooth headphones are used, which is undoubtedly the preferred option by most and the one with the greatest trend in the industry.

Xiaomi Patent Integrated Headphones 02

A mobile phone that hides headphones

On this occasion and like many others, it has been the LetsGoDigital medium that has revealed that one of the latest Xiaomi patents, aims to launch a device, the upper part of which houses two wireless headphones, very much in the style of the Mi True . As it appears from the graphic description, the upper part of the terminal It will have two holes, where both headphones can be integrated.

The idea is ingenious, as far as it could allow the user get rid of the save case that always incorporates this type of products. In addition, and although the patent does not indicate it, the mobile could act as a charging base, so they would be permanently charged when stored in their corresponding holes.

In addition, the headphones can only be partially hidden if necessary, allowing them to act as a mobile speaker. Nothing is detailed about their connectivity, but it seems clear that they would connect via Bluetooth. However, this system faces some engineering challenges that we do not know at what point Xiaomi may have resolved, such as the dirt or dust section that could affect the holes when the headphones are out of place, the redistribution of internal components or the weight and thickness of more that would be added to the terminal with this system.

Xiaomi Patent Integrated Headphones 01

With camera under the screen

The rest of the design of this mobile reveals a screen without notches or holes, which could mean the existence of a selfie camera under the panel, a technology behind which Xiaomi has made its interest clear since last year. You can also see some aluminum frames in the style of “iPhone” and some screen edges that are perfect to hardly show any frame.

Written by David Girao

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