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After the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 today, all eyes are refocused on the iPhone 12. It is one of the great presentations that 2020 has left after the new Korean, and the rumors and leaks continue to make of yours. Now, we have been able to discover what could be one of the great novelties of the iPhone 12, and that was about to be included in the iPhone 11.

There are many technologies that see the light before in Android devices than in iPhone, which serves fans of the Google ecosystem to boast about the slowness that the iPhone boasts generation after generation. That Apple is in no rush is clear. But the function to charge other devices in reverse, It is something that was about to be active in the iPhone 11 and that was canceled at the last minute.

Magnets surrounding iPhone 12

But this technology sounds strong again for future iPhone 12. Images shared on the Chinese social network Weibo and collected by EveryThingApplePro, reveal what claims to be the chassis of an iPhone 12, where you can see a series of magnets placed so circular. Specific it is about 26 individual magnets, which could be related to reverse wireless charging or even the expected official Apple charging station.

iphone 12 chassis

Remember that iPhone offers wireless charging in several of its models, but it does not have an official charger, as if they have other brands. For a long time an “AirPower” platform has been rumored but it has never seen the light. In addition, analyst Kuo said that Apple would launch a similar product in the middle of the year, which has not happened.

However, these images and those of a back case with similar magnets, open the door upon the arrival of both this platform and reverse wireless charging, so that iPhone 12 can charge other devices like AirPods, Apple Watch or other iPhones, similar to Samsung’s Wireless PowerShare feature.

iphone 12 chassis

Reverse charge at last?

Recall that before the iPhone 11 was introduced last year, it was discovered that the series had a device-to-device reverse charging function. However, Apple disabled the function, according to Kuo, because the charging efficiency did not meet Apple’s requirements. Now, Apple is expected to launch up to four new iPhone 12s in September and that this is, now, one of the great novelties. The latest rumors in this regard indicate that Apple could even hold two events to publicize the new models, in a kind of launch in stages.

Written by David Girao

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