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Xiaomi’s Mi Mix series has always been synonymous with innovation and sophistication. It is a line of terminals that the Chinese firm has always used to test certain technologies and that has generally left us speechless. However, since the market launch in 2018 of the Mi Mix 3 and its 5G variant soon after, we continue waiting for news from Xiaomi about the Mi Mix 4, although the rumors and leaks continue to do their own thing.

We have been listening for months rumors about a possible Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. The terminal has sounded like the first to integrate certain technologies such as the first with a 144 megapixel camera or to integrate a camera hidden under the screen. Recall that the first Mi Mix were the first mobiles to rush the frames as we had seen in Xiaomi, in addition to sporting the first emerging camera in the industry after OPPO FindX. However, Xiaomi continues to give us no clues, as to whether or not we will see a Mi Mix 4 this year.

Possible design of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

Now, several online stores have shown designing a course Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 or Mi Mix 2020, with a truly spectacular design. Some of these links have already been removed, but have remained long enough to have been captured. In them, we see a supposed Mi Mix 2020 in which the camera is placed in a rectangular block, but in a horizontal position. In it there are four sensors between which a periscope sensor and a laser sensor can be distinguished.

xiaomi mi mix 2020

The curious thing about the design is that on one side if you have integrated a frame where a double selfie camera is housed, as well as the power and volume buttons, plus an LED flash at the bottom. We do not know how this kind of control panel will work, but it would make perfect sense if it were a popup framework, being hidden when the user does not need to use these functions.

xiaomi mi mix 2020 01

Of course, we will have to take these images with all the degree of skepticism they deserve. It must be taken into account that they do not come from official sources and that their authenticity is in question, in addition to the images do not have the desired quality in order to appreciate more details. However, it returns to boost the Mi Mix 4 to the limelight, reminding us once again that many users are waiting to see the renewal of this family.

Written by David Girao

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