Important Questions to Put Forward Android App Developers Before Hiring Them

Mobile apps have taken over the whole world. And with the growing and speeding technology, businesses are changing for good. Mobile aps have become indispensable to businesses, creating better associations with partners and clients. With every mobile app developer making guarantees of ranking your app on the top and getting numerous downloads for the app, it has become very difficult for businesses to find out the best app developers in India.

So, without ado, let’s discover the questions that you should pose mobile app developers or companies while recruiting them:

1.Where Should I Look For Your Previously Created Apps?

Whether you ask for their portfolio or not, a good Android app developer or app development company should offer you a complete list of the mobile apps they have previously created. Therefore, you should make sure to request them to reveal the apps that have build earlier. To ascertain if a specific Android app developer in India is the right choice for you, you must download and test some of their apps and check reviews of the app. If the developer or the company does not have previously developed mobile apps, then it is a red flag.

  1. What size organizations have you previously worked with?

If you are a big company, you may feel more confident working with an Android app developer who has similar level of experience. Different size businesses work differently. Their work culture and atmosphere can be different from what a app developer feels comfortable in. Thus, that developer may not be the perfect fit. But if the app developer has complete understanding of how procedure and paperwork is handled and budgeted, knowledge of the processes, and more, then he/she may be a helpful asset for you.

  1. Can I Get A List of References?

You can also ask the app developer to offer you a list of their previous and present clients that they have claimed to work with. You can pose them a few questions related to their deliverables to ensure that they really created the apps. You can see testimonials from their clients or request to take to previous clients – to ensure that they did excellent work.

  1. What is Your Bandwidth?

Mobile app development is known to be a volatile procedure. Problems like changing important features of the application can probably turn up as you find out that something needs improvement. But that is for good as it is a part of a healthy development procedure. But, if the company you have selected does not have the manpower to attend those changing requests, that is problematic. So, you should find out the number of projects the company or developer is working on presently. This way you can discover whether they can respond promptly to your change requests or not.

  1. Get to Know About the Time Needed to Complete an Android App

Find out the starting date of the app. Discuss about the estimated time needed by every undertaking from the starting to the dispatch. Make sure that the app developer works carefully within your cutoff time. You should this find an app developer who can complete the app inside the due time.

  1. Do you provide long-term mobile app support and maintenance service?

The job is not completed with the launch of an app. Technology changes, software updated take place, glitches come, and features are requested. So, you should talk with the mobile app developer in India about the process and cost for constant maintenance and support of the app to make sure that you are never placed in a difficult position after launch.

  1. Do you have an understanding of my business industry and its audience?

An Android app developer in India cannot create a successful app without having an understanding of what you do exactly and how the mobile application can make a difference in your business. A prospective candidate may not have all the answers; however, what you should do is take some time from your interview procedure to educate the candidate about your business, your goals and mission for the mobile app. If the app developer takes some interest in learning what you do, then it is appositive sign. An app developer who has previously worked on mobile apps of similar industry or functionalities can be the perfect fit for you. It is because they will have a solid understanding of your industry and will be familiar with what it actually takes to attain success for your mobile app.

  1. How Will You Test The App?

It is completely up to your app developer and you to ensure that the app works and it works in the way you imagined. You should test the app as it’s created. If the developer uses coordinated systems, he/she should offer you test variants all through the process so that you can verify the highlights just when they are created. Testing should take place on the device and OS, the app is built for.

  1. What About User Experience and Design?

The functionalities and features in an app will drive the operations of the app. Along with that, it must be pleasing to the eyes, provide an exclusive experience, and simple to use when it comes to navigation. Since there is lots of competition, your app should stand out from the rest. Your app should be memorable. The right design can make the difference. Ensure to take a deep look at the portfolio of the developer to find out if creativity is there in the app.

  1. How Will You Handle Security Issues?

You should give due consideration to security aspect. The developer should know the security implications associated with an app. Security is a delicate subject matter when it comes to mobile apps and devices. Discuss with the developer about how can they reduce any security issues in the app.

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