Improve the quality of your music on Spotify with these two settings

Spotify is the most used application in Spain for streaming music, it is an application to which we can take much advantage on Android. In addition, it is in continuous improvement thanks to the many new functions that are introduced in it. An aspect of importance in an application of this type is the quality of the sound, for a good experience.

If you want to get better sound on Spotify on Android when you are listening to music, the way to get it is simple. Since in the application there is two simple tricks or adjustments to turn to for better sound at all times. In addition, we can use them without having a premium account.

This way you improve the sound in Spotify

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In the application configuration we have two options with which we will be able to improve the sound quality in a simple way. These are two functions that probably sound most to you, if you have been using Spotify for a while. The options we have available:

  • Reproduction quality: The first option is the quality of the music itself. The application allows us to select the level of quality in the music, although the higher the quality, the more data consumption. So it is an option to resort to if we have an unlimited data rate or if we have WiFi activated.
  • Equalizer: One of the best ways to improve sound quality, on the phone in general and in an application like Spotify in particular, is the use of the equalizer. The application gives you access to the equalizer on your phone, so you are going to configure it to be able to listen to music in the best way.

Spotify improve sound quality

Thanks to these two functions we can get a significant improvement in sound in the application, to get the best possible experience when listening to music on the phone. Now that we know what functions they are, we have to activate them in the Android application.

  1. Open Spotify on your phone.
  2. Click on the gear icon to enter the settings.
  3. Go down to the section called Music Quality.
  4. Tap the Playback quality option.
  5. Choose the desired quality.
  6. Press Equalizer.
  7. Enter the equalizer of your mobile.
  8. Adjust this equalizer.

A simple trick, but that contributes to a good experience when you are going to use it. Ideal to get the most out of your playlists in the app, but also with your podcasts, now even in the form of video.

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