Improvements in WebTorrent to download torrent from browser

When the BitTorrent protocol was launched almost 20 years ago, it was only available to desktop download clients. With the passing of the years and the popularization of the Internet, many activities began to be carried out directly from the browser or from the cloud, but the support of WebTorrent it was not yet a reality.

That came thanks to Feross Aboukhadijeh who invented WebTorrent with support to download or stream this type of file directly from the most modern browsers. Some services have used it in recent years as an alternative to traditional clients, some emerging as or βTorrent. Even the Brave Browser has a built-in torrent web client.

However, here we encounter the great problem of downloading torrent from the Internet. By relying on WebRTC, torrent clients on the web cannot communicate with desktop torrent clients by default. Fortunately, this will remain in the past thanks to the novelty implemented by LibTorrent.

LibTorrent, now with WebTorrent support

The gap between WebTorrent and traditional clients begins to close with the latest Libtorrent update. This has created a kind of “bridge” that allows communication between both systems. Basically Libtorrent is used in the most popular torrent clients like Deluge, qBittorrent, rTorrent, Tribler and others. By implementing this enhancement, these clients become compatible with peers or pairs of web clients and vice versa.

This opens the door to a new era in torrent downloading from the browser. All these services will see an increase in number of seeds or seeds available to download. It will be good news for those who use these services as an alternative to traditional customers, although it may still take some time to see it available.

Be that as it may, good news for the whole world of torrent downloads. In addition, new online services may even be born to download to the cloud now that one of the main restrictions on these platforms has been removed.

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