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Improves data rate and fiber speed June 2020

by Tejas Dhawan

Vodafone revolutionized its Yu contract rates last March. From that moment on they began to offer 5G, fiber and unlimited social networks for the younger segment. The British are aware that this market could not be limited to offering only a few prepaid rates and that they had to do something to take advantage of it. For that reason, new rates arrived. One of those new rates, Vodafone Big YuserIt improves automatically and free from tomorrow with more gigabytes to browse or Internet speed. We give you all the keys below.

The new Yu contract rates can be contracted in various modalities. In the mobile we have Big Yuser or Heavy Yuser for 15 and 20 euros respectively. In the fiber combined we have the same mobile rates, but with 300 or 600 Mbps of fiber for 45 or 50 euros per month respectively. Finally, if we only need fiber optics we can access the Yuser Fiber for 32 euros a month. Now, the Big Yuser modality has improved its benefits without price changes.

How to improve Vodafone Big Yuser for free

Starting tomorrow, July 1, 2020, Vodafone improves the conditions of its Big Yuser rate in all its forms without raising the price. This improvement involves adding 5 more gigs to the data to navigate the mobile and doubling the speed to 600 Mbps. With this, the Big Yuser rates are as follows:

  • Big Yuser (contract and prepaid): offers 15GB of cumulative navigation, unlimited gigabytes on Social Networks and unlimited messaging and calls for 15 euros per month.
  • Big Yuser + Fibra: offers 15 GB of cumulative navigation, 600Mbps of fiber, unlimited gigabytes on Social Networks and unlimited messaging and calls for 45 euros per month.

But the news in Vodafone yu does not end there. With the arrival of summer and the increase in data consumption, Vodafone yu customers will be able to enjoy Video Pass, Music Pass and Maps Pass at special prices from July 1. In this case, the current promotions are as follows:

  • Unlimited gigabytes in video apps with Video Pass for 5 euros per month. The offer will be valid until August 31, although the client who hires it in this period will enjoy this promotional price forever.
  • Unlimited gigabytes in music apps and maps with Music Pass and Maps Pass for 1 euros per month.

As a reminder, current clients of Vodafone yu (Yuser, Super Yuser and Mega Yuser) enjoy from 5 June and until 30 September, 5GB and Social Pass, 10 GB and 15 GB extra, respectively, automatically with each benefit renewal.

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