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In Cupertino they squeeze Foxconn to manufacture in India

In Cupertino they squeeze Foxconn to manufacture in India

The production of some of Apple’s products has been diverting from China to India for a long time and this is precisely what they want at Apple, to further decentralize the production of their products to other places such as Vietnam. In any case, Foxconn will invest about 1 billion dollars in a production plant in India, an investment made allegedly at the behest of Apple.

6,000 more jobs in India after investment

When Apple performs this type of maneuver with the companies that manufacture for it, employment and other advantages are generated for the recipient country. In this case, as you can read in the Reuters media, Foxconn’s investment in India will generate some 6,000 direct jobs. On the other hand, the tax advantages to produce in India are present, although it is true that you have to invest a lot of money to make it work.

Foxconn plans to expand its plant located in Sriperumbur, a factory that is currently responsible for the production of the iPhone XR. In the not too distant future, these company manufacturing plants are expected to start producing other models. Today, Apple’s interest in manufacturing in India can have two clear objectives, one of them is clearly to decentralize production from China and the second is to enter the Indian market somewhat more, which would mean an increase in product sales. Apple in the country. The Indian government wants the technology companies to start producing products in the country, but always under their conditions, this is beginning to see its fruits recently.

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