In FIFA 21 you can design your own stadium

In FIFA 21 you will have even more freedom to transform your stadium into your very own cauldron. A new trailer shows which adjustments are available to you.

You can also design ManCity's Etihad Stadium however you like.
You can also design ManCity’s Etihad Stadium however you like.

While you have always been able to put together your very own team in FUT or “FIFA Ultimate Team” mode, in FIFA 21 you can now customize and expand your stadium as you wish. There are various options available to you.

You can pre-order FIFA 21 in the PlayStation Store here:

You can pre-order FIFA 21 here!

FIFA 21: Your very own cauldron

As the FUT trailer shows, you can make important changes to your venue in FUT mode in FIFA 21: You can adapt the chants for the arrival of your team, change the choreography of your most loyal fans and add statues and pyrotechnics. But not only that: while you improve your club in FUT mode, you can also improve yours Expand the stadium and add new ranks. So you can turn your stadium into an atmospheric fortress that always offers you an atmospheric home advantage.

Check out the new trailer for FUT mode in FIFA 21 here:

FIFA 21: FUT mode with further innovations

The expansion and design of your stadium is not the only innovation in FUT mode. You can now for example in co-op mode with friends Get together and compete against other teams and win weekly rewards in the process. You can also opt for a page in the FIFA community at so-called FUT events and unlock player cards or club items together with other gamers.

Of course, the FIFA icons are back – this time you have 100 of the best footballers of all time at your disposal. The “FIFA Ultimate Team” mode is therefore likely to be the favorite of the FIFA community again this year.

You can find all information about pre-ordering FIFA 21 in our overview article.

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Besides Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA is currently the only serious soccer simulation on PC and consoles. EA Sports has been sending virtual football players onto the pitch since 1993, back then with fantasy names, today with a thick license package and thus with numerous original players with faces, team names, jerseys and more. Many consider themselves the best FIFA player in their area. But championships are not only won in practice, but also on the tactics board.

What do you think of the new FUT trailer? Are you looking forward to designing your own stadium in FIFA 21? Which arena will you make your new home? Visit us on Facebook and tell us what you think in the comments section!

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