in these games you can use DualShock 4

Microsoft confirmed that it was going to allow using old controls on its Xbox Series X. However, in the case of Sony there were only rumors, and the company has confirmed that we will be able to use our DualShock 4 with PS5, but only with PS4 games. Thus, PS5 games can only be played with the new DualSense, which is logical because the games will have elements designed with the new controller in mind, taking advantage of new features such as pressure sensitive triggers. Third-party controllers licensed for PS4 will also work only with PS4 games.

PS4 flyers will work on PS5

Other PS4 peripherals will work with PS5 games, as in the case of frills (like the G29, T300, etc), joysticks or recreational controls. Companies like Fanatec have already announced that all the flyers they have released for PS4 will be compatible with PS5. The wireless headsets Platinum and Gold will be compatible, in addition to other third parties by USB or by 3.5 mm jack.

With respect to virtual reality, Sony claims that the controls Playstation move and PlayStation VR Aim Controller They will continue to work with compatible PS VR games on PS5, although it does not specify whether the current glasses can be used on the new console, since rumors suggest that, since the new controller does not have a light bar, it cannot be used with the current PS VR. The PS4 PlayStation Camera will also be compatible with PS5, although it will be necessary to use an adapter that will be offered free of charge by the company to PS VR users.

DualSense rumors about battery life

On DualSense, the PS5 controller, new rumors have also appeared on Reddit. These rumors would suggest that the duration of battery command would be between 3 and 4 hours longer than DualShock 4, to which the battery lasted about 5 or 6 hours. Therefore, we would be talking about a much longer duration, since it was one of the most negative points that the PS4 controller had.

dualsense controller ps5

The user who has leaked the information claims to have had the controller in his hands, and that it is more comfortable to hold and less bulky than the PS4. Other elements are also slightly different, such as the touch control that is now somewhat faster and feels better when pressed. Compared to L1 and R1, these now don’t click, but are triggers, while L2 and R2 are now harder, even with the voltage points turned off.

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