In WhatsApp you sound border and what can you do to fix it

It is true, the impersonality generated by the distance and the screens make it possible for you to become a digital border to the minimum and without having wanted it, so we present you the most useful techniques that you can follow to avoid it

No one calls on the phone anymore. It is a fact. The instant messaging, social networks and emails are the stars of all forms of remote communication today, and without a doubt this fact our way of chatting with our friends has changed, bosses, colleagues or family, and also the way we express ourselves.

In fact, it is that the arrival of total connectivity has meant a communication similar to the appearance of the telephone, and As languages ​​adapt to the times, they are also doing it now in our way of speaking on WhatsApp, by Telegram or other similar tools.

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Through the mobile you can sound edge almost unintentionally, but there are ways to avoid it …

And in fact, many times screens and impersonality make it difficult to understand some expressions, some ways of writing or some phrases, implying many times that you are angry when you are not, or making you look like an edge without you even noticing.

It was something that we had already talked about on Andro4all on some occasion, but now We bring you some useful solutions to avoid looking like an edge when talking on WhatsApp and that your interlocutors also understand your expressions and moods. Aren’t you curious to see what you’re doing wrong? Follow us …

When it comes to instant messaging, screens take away the option to show your facial expressions and your feelings, so here are some solutions so that it does not seem that you are angry or you are an edge while chatting with someone

Use the period at the end in WhatsApp

Using the period at the end in WhatsApp, one of the details that will make you seem more serious than normal

The screens are uninhibited, and be careful because the informal is at ease

Well yes, as the companions of The Conversation commented the humans now we tend to prefer non-contact communication because this reinforces us, gives us security and it makes us more disinhibited, using more expressive and spontaneous language.

This makes us fall into informality, something that does not tend to look good in professional settings now that telework abounds, so strive to maintain courtesy during your conversations by instant messaging, email or social networks.

Check the context and adapt to itbecause if you went to a job interview or had a drink with a friend too you would adapt by presenting yourself one way or another and communicating in different ways depending on the environment and the moment.

This clash of contexts is magnified on the Internet, since impersonality makes it possible for different types of people to coincide in different media, causing you to misbehave or offend someone with a comment out of context for a certain part of your interlocutors. Be careful what you say and what groups you comment on.

WhatsApp status on a mobile

WhatsApp statuses are dangerous if you have more ‘business’ groups in the same account

Use winks and emoticons, because on WhatsApp you will always seem more unfriendly

Anonymity can certainly make you comment on social media that you would not say in public, or even in your group of friends you could give opinions that you would clarify with a glance or a gesture in a more colloquial environment than a group chat, avoiding appearing unfriendly or an edge.

Be careful with self-control, protect your opinions in measure and be careful with your writingBecause using the period at the end overemphasizes the sentences making you seem more serious than you really want to be.

Use emoticons and winks, an image is worth a thousand words and after a joke or a comment that can be misunderstood, a face with the tongue out will always help to understand your tone and to avoid major problems.

Too more expressive use of words and spelling will help you, the way you string the sentences is key and the longer messages also imply seriousness and antipathy. Never capitalize unless you want to emphasize somethingBecause it looks like you’re screaming.

250 new emoticons

An emoticon is always worth a thousand explanations, use them!

Spelling and good manners on the Internet

One of the aspects that experts highlight the most is precisely spelling, because writing on a mobile phone implies speed and speed leads us to make infinite mistakes, like eating characters – does anyone remember mnsjt crts? -, do not put accents or punctuate sentences well.

Writing with misspellings is not only ugly, it is will cause confusion in your interlocutor and will create a false sense of lack of interest, incidentally, sometimes they do not understand you properly. Start to take care of the style and the spelling because it is keyMany job opportunities have been lost because of that, but above all rate your sentences well because if not, it will be difficult to understand you.

In any case, many times good online manners are difficult to understand and carry out, because they are always not only in who writes but also in those who read.

The ideal is take care of our ways to try to avoid misunderstandings, and without a doubt the most important thing is to control the context, maintain a good spelling and gladly use emoticons, memes or and these new ways of communicating our moods and our message tones.

If you want more information, the expert Virginia Shea presents her ten basic rules to take care of your netiquette and that everyone can understand you better, although summarizes it in that you put yourself in the other’s place and that you remember that others do not have to be like you or think like you … Sounds almost logical, doesn’t it?

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