Informant reveals the new date of the Apple keynote

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One thing is certain: in 2020, the new iPhones will be launched later than usual. But when will Apple show us these for the first time? When can we prepare for a corresponding event and the keynote? A well-known informant has now broken his silence.

iPhone 2020

September is already off the table. Even Apple recently officially had to admit the delay of the iPhone 12 for this year, but at the same time did not reveal when exactly we can expect the announcement – the vague specification of “a few weeks” is in the room, it does not get more specific.

iPhone 12: Is Apple planning a performance on October 13th?

Jon Prosser is currently more willing to provide information. The well-known Apple informant was often correct in the past, but recently his hit rate fluctuated. For example, Apple did not rename iOS 14 to iPhoneOS 14, as it originally predicted. In this respect, the following data should be registered with a trace of skepticism, as always.

To the dates: According to Prosser Apple is currently planning the iPhone event in calendar week 42 – a possible keynote day would then be Tuesday, October 13th. The pre-order would be made in the same week, usually on Friday (October 16). A delivery of the iPhone 12 would then be due for the following week, Friday October 23rd would be an option. All this only applies to the normal iPhone 12 with 5.4 and 6.1 inch displays.

If the date is still uncertain, one thing is for sure: The new iPhones come with iOS 14, what the new system can do, we reveal in the following video:

The Pro versions would be delayed again. Of course, Apple should already present this at the iPhone event, but according to Prosser, Apple would not accept orders until November, and the release is more likely to not work.

Appointments for a new Apple Watch and a new iPad

And there should be another surprise. The new Apple Watch Series 6 and an as yet unknown iPad (possibly the iPad Air or the successor to the current model with 10.2-inch display) will not share the stage with the new iPhones. Instead, Apple wants to present these devices without further ado by press release in the 37th calendar week (from Monday, September 7th). That would be very unusual, but in view of this year’s delay, it might not be entirely impossible.

Will the Apple Watch Series 6 be a round thing? It would be nice in any case, but unfortunately also rather unlikely:

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Apple Watch 6 draws circles: new design for the smartwatch?

Either way: There is still no one hundred percent certainty about the dates, because due to the staggered release of the new iPhones and the as yet unspecified sales start of the iPhone 12 Pro, the dates could still change. Prosser’s information would only reflect the current planning status, the informant said in a self-assessment.

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