Ingenious app shows where it is getting really hot

What will the weather be like in the next few days? After a brief cold snap, the summer heat is coming. Our app recommendation shows how long this will remain and how the weather will be in detail.

Weather: Germany is facing a heat wave

We are in the middle of the dog days: This is the name of the time from the end of July to the end of August, when it is often hot – almost tropical – even in this country. The Hoch Detlef is currently providing heat after a brief cold spell, which spread autumn mood in some places at the beginning of the week. The weather experts from the portal expect peak values ​​of up to 35 degrees in the coming days.

On the North and Baltic Seas, the thermometer is expected to climb to over 30 degrees in the next few days. In some areas, tropical nights are just around the weekend – the temperatures will not drop below 20 degrees. The correct tactics for daytime ventilation and room fans can then help.

Despite high temperatures, weather thunderstorms will not increase for the time being, according to The risk of this increasing with increasingly humid air only in the coming week. If you want to be prepared for the event, you should equip yourself with an appropriate app, which in addition to the pure forecast also offers a live rain radar. A look at the smartphone reveals whether you can make it to the next shelter by bike or on foot in a thunderstorm or on foot or you should dismantle the grill as quickly as possible.

The WetterOnline app for iOS and Android, which the author has been using for years, offers, in addition to forecasting, radar and severe weather warnings, other functions such as information on pollen count and water temperatures on the coasts:

In the video: Good weather apps for Android and iOS.

Weather apps: essential for vacation planning

Weather apps are already integrated in the mobile operating systems: Apple uses the “The Weather Channel” service for its reports and forecasts. Google also provides Android users with an in-house weather app. At least mostly: In a current Android beta, it has disappeared for some users, writes the portal

The biggest deficit of the integrated apps is usually the accuracy: Although you can see forecasts for the next 24 hours and the next week on the iPhone, for example, you usually only have to orientate yourself on a symbol and a temperature. Third-party apps are sometimes not quite as clear, but offer very useful functions such as current rain radar or information on air quality.

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