Instagram launches Reels, its alternative to TikTok

After the Stories, the Reels arrive: this is the new thing from Instagram to eclipse TikTok.

It was only a matter of time: Instagram already has its own alternative to TikTok, and it’s called Reels. In the same way that it did at the time with the Stories, completely copying the format that had debuted with Snapchat, Instagram has decided to take inspiration now from the social network of the moment to bring your new role to life.

As the company announces, Reels are a new way to create and share short video clips directly from the Instagram app, which can be edited using effects, music and other tools.

The Reels creation tool is available within the instagram camera, in a new section containing the set of tools designed to create this type of content. It is possible to share them with our followers, or with the entire Instagram community if our profile is public.

Instagram Reels, alternative to TikTok

This is the Instagram Reels.

So are the new Instagram Reels

Taking advantage of the fact that the future of TikTok is more uncertain than ever due to its situation in the United States, Instagram has decided to take advantage of the opportunity copying almost completely the fashion social media format with this new feature.

The Reels, who from today they begin their deployment In the Instagram mobile app, they can be created without leaving the application, where we will have all the necessary tools to get our most creative side. Among the available options, we find the following:

  • Audio function: allows you to add music from the Instagram library, or use the original audio.

  • Effects in augmented reality: It is possible to add effects in RA to the videos, through the effects gallery integrated in the application and made up of effects developed by creators from all over the world.

  • Timer: You can set a timer to record your clips without touching the “record” button.

  • Alignment: Allows objects in previous clips to be aligned before recording the next, allowing smoother transitions.

  • Speed ​​change: His name says it all. You can speed up or slow down the speed at which the video or audio plays.

Instagram reels

Instagram Reels will be available on iOS and Android.

Reels offers the possibility of record videos directly from the app, or upload them directly from the gallery. Thus, it is possible to publish clips stored on our device both on TikTok and on Instagram.

According to Instagram, it will be possible see the Reels of the rest of the community through the “Explore” tabwhere a feed vertical with all the content published by other users. Also, in case our Reel becomes popular in this section of the platform, we will be notified.

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