Instagram updates the Stories with a novelty that you will love

The well-known photography social network has surprised by adding a curious novelty in its Stories.

Instagram, the well-known photography social network, has announced the incorporation of an interesting novelty to its Stories. After confirming the arrival of Reels, your alternative to TikTok, the platform has introduced nine new font types for its stories, including Comic sans.

The photography application has shared the announcement of the arrival of new types of sources for its Stories, which expire after 24 hours, through from your official Twitter account. A package that Instagram has been testing since the end of last April among a limited number of users.


Instagram has added a new feature that will not disappoint anyone.

Now during this week This new function has progressively reached the rest of Instagram users. Therefore, you can share Stories and choose from the new fonts available to improve the publication, among which is Comic Sans.

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Instagram incorporates new fonts for its Stories, such as Comic Sans

To choose between these new types of letters, you just have to go to the Stories keyboard customization interface from the photography social network. It is striking that among them is Comic Sans, a typeface created in 1994 by designer Vincent Connare and inspired by characters from comics and children’s books.

A typeface that not to everyone’s liking, but that, even so, you can already use in your Stories of the well-known social network of photography owned by Facebook, one of the most used in the world and one with the most active users.

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