Install Android beta versions: is it worth it?

Each new version of the operating system usually be preceded by beta versions, as with Android 11. Also when a brand prepares to launch the new version of Android for their phones we find beta versions of it. Many users join this type of beta program, although there are sometimes doubts about whether or not this is worthwhile.

Install any of the beta versions of Android on your phone it has a number of advantages and disadvantages, which must be taken into account before proceeding with its installation. Since there are times when perhaps we only think about the advantages or just the opposite case, we only see the possible disadvantages that this has.

Why install beta versions of Android

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Install any of the Android betasWhen a new version of the operating system arrives, they present a number of reasons why it is worth installing them on phones. These are reasons that many users have when they dare to install them on their phones and bet on joining these programs. The reasons why it is worth installing them are:

  • Early access to news: It is the great advantage of beta versions, having access to the new features of that new version before other users. Being able to enjoy and test any change or new function or improvement is undoubtedly something interesting, because it allows you to master these types of functions.
  • You contribute to improve the operating system: It is common for betas to be flawed, this is true. But it is thanks to the users who participate when it is possible to discover bugs, so that you will be able to report them and help improve the operating system in this way. Making it more secure and reliable.
  • Exclusive features: There are times when some of the functions that can be tested in a beta do not end up in the operating system, at least not in that version. You could be testing a function almost exclusively, being able to test it before it is removed, if it never reaches the operating system.
  • The betas are improving: When you are part of a beta program on Android, you will receive several versions of it. It is well known that a beta can cause failures (mentioned in the next section), but as new ones are released you will see how they are improving and you have a better performance.
  • You can go out whenever you want: Being part of a beta program on Android does not mean that you are a prisoner of it. If you find it uncomfortable or the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, for your experience, you can leave the program whenever you want, without any problem or commitment.

Why not install beta versions

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There are also a number of reasons why installing a beta version of Android on your phone maybe not a good idea. Installing a beta can cause problems or inconvenience for users, which should also be taken into account, in order to make such a decision. The main reasons not to install a beta are:

  • They cause failures: This is a common problem any beta faces, not just Android ones. Since being unstable, there is always a failure in its operation. The magnitude of such failure will depend largely on the beta, but it is an ever-present risk.
  • performance: Not only the glitches caused by the instability of the beta itself are a problem, as the performance of the phone can be affected as well. A slower operation of the device (it takes time to open or run processes), freezes more frequently, you have problems using multiple apps at the same time … These types of issues indicate problems with the performance of the device.
  • Battery: An aspect that comes from afar, but that many users have been affected over time by installing an Android beta, the battery consumption is high, making the phone battery in many cases not last the whole day, or last much less than normal for your device.
  • Wearable compatibility: It is likely that you have a watch or bracelet synchronized with your phone. A frequent problem with the installation of an Android beta is that you are going to have compatibility problems with the wearable. Normally a beta does not work at all well or directly does not work with said wearable.

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