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Institute for Broadcasting Technology will be closed at the end of the year

Institute for Broadcasting Technology will be closed at the end of the year

The public service broadcasters could not agree on a viable model for the continuation of the research institute. Now unfortunately it has to be handled.

In a further special meeting of the IRT shareholders’ meeting on Friday, no viable model for a continuation of the Institute for Broadcasting Technology could be found. Despite intensive efforts, according to the IRT, it was not possible to develop a robust economic future perspective. The Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation (BR) in particular had promoted its continued existence in the group of shareholders in recent weeks. However, this would have required additional broadcasters, which should contribute to further financing. This means that all shareholders will be given notice of termination at the end of 2019. A social plan is now to be drawn up for the employees.

The IRT, founded in 1956, is almost as old as the ARD program, which went on the air on October 31, 1954. The public service broadcasters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland bundle their research and developments in the field of broadcasting technology here. Analogue PAL television, the introduction of stereo sound, the blue screen technology, RDS data in the FM radio signal, MP3 – the IRT was very much involved in all these achievements. And that’s just a small selection from the many developments.

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