Integrated Cray technology: HPE enters the Exoscale era

“Supercomputing is on the cusp of a new era – the exascale era,” wrote Pete Ungaro, ex-CEO of Cray and now Senior Vice President and General Manager, HPC and Mission Critical Solutions at HPE, in a blog post . HPE acquired supercomputing specialist Cray in May 2019 for around $ 1.3 billion. Today we stand on the threshold of a new era, said Ungaro. Because the integration of Cray in HPE is practically complete for the employees, the critical business systems, the roadmaps and the brands.

“This is a milestone that we call Business Day One.” The manager speaks of a new era of computing that differs significantly from previous approaches. In future, the focus would no longer be on individual, gigantic supercomputers or specific, unique technologies. In view of the rapid growth in data, it is much more a question of the convergent use of a wide variety of techniques to address new requirements in terms of analytics, AI and machine learning in the context of different applications and workloads.

The new supercomputers combine and integrate a number of different technologies from both companies – from Cray and HPE. The manufacturer wants to offer high-performance computing for a broader range of applications in companies. From the point of view of those responsible for HPE, the requirements are currently primarily about gaining new insights into current business developments, customer relationships or the resilience of supply chains with the help of data analysis. The aim is to integrate different combinations of HPC, analysis and AI workloads – often in real time.