integration begins with Meet

In recent weeks, leaks have been seen of how Google is going to completely transform Gmail so that it is no longer exclusively an email application. The confirmation came a few days ago and we could see what the new Gmail interface would be like and the integration with other communication services.

Today Google has announced on its official blog that the transformation of the app begins with the integration of Meet.

This service has had exponential growth during the confinement caused by the pandemic and Google wants to make that increase in use permanent.

Google Meet integrates with Gmail

The integration of the two services started a week ago on devices with the iOS operating system and it has been today when it has started on Android devices. As always, the update will be progressive and It will take us about 15 days to have it integrated into all accounts.

This will affect both personal accounts of Gmail like corporate accounts that use GSuite.

When the application is updated it will change the interface with a new menu at the bottom. In the left area we will have the email icon, which will give us access to the same interface that we have now.

On the right side we have the Meet icon, where we can organize and manage our meetings by video call.

When we are in one of them we will have control over the microphone, our camera and we can see the participants of it at the bottom. If we are only two people, our face will appear in a small window while that of the person we are talking to will occupy the entire screen.

The best is that if we do not use this form of communication at all we can go to the settings to make the tab not appear in the main interface, so we will stay as we are until now.

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