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Intel can only dream of this: New AMD processors achieve record performance

Intel can only dream of this: New AMD processors achieve record performance

Image source: AMD

In the past few weeks, AMD has sparked a real product firework. While a few processors are just a lukewarm infusion, other chips are breaking all records – and are reaching an important milestone.


AMD Ryzen 4000G: New desktop processors more powerful than current consoles

Just last week, AMD officially announced its new Renoir APUs for the desktop market. In contrast to the current Ryzen 3000 processors, the Ryzen 4000G models are chips with a powerful graphics unit. AMD has been offering similar processors for a few years, but now Intel wants to announce the battle in the OEM segment with the new models, because the small APUs have it all!

As reported by wccftech, the new AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750G achieves a performance of around 1.1 TFLOPs in the CPU and 2.15 TFLOPs in the GPU area during the AIDA64 GPGPU benchmark. If you look at the performance of the current generation of consoles, the AMD chip can easily compete with the PS4 and Xbox One. The two current-gen consoles only achieve around 0.1 TFLOPs in CPU performance and 1.84 and 1.41 TFLOPs in GPU performance, and thus lag behind the performance potential of the AMD processor.

The AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750G can achieve these values ​​thanks to its integrated Vega graphics unit, which, despite the small number of cores, offers more than solid performance and even some overclocking potential. The performance of Intel’s integrated graphics unit, on the other hand, is sufficient to play esports titles like Rocket League or CS: GO – but the chip runs out of steam afterwards.

The situation is completely different with AMD’s Renoir processors. Even current games can be played with reduced graphics settings at around 30 FPS, as a video shows:

Gaming without a graphics card: Do AMD’s new processors make the dream come true?

Despite the good performance of the new processors, enthusiastic PC gamers will still not be able to save themselves the purchase of a graphics card. It’s amazing how much graphics performance AMD’s processors now offer, but you shouldn’t expect high frame rates.

If, on the other hand, you want to assemble a gaming PC that is as cheap as possible and can be upgraded later with a GPU, you won’t go wrong with the AMD APUs, as we have already been able to determine:

It remains to be seen how much performance AMD can only squeeze out of its APUs when the switch to Navi computing cores is made in the processors. Finally, this change has also brought about a decent improvement in the “performance per watt” ratio in the graphics card area. Until then, we will have to be patient.

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