Intel promises further details on Xe Graphics – WePC in August

Intel recently tweeted more information about its Xe graphics. The tweet promised that more detailed information about Xe graphics and what we can expect from this new technology will be released next month.

The tweet has since been mysteriously deleted, but it said, “You waited. You asked yourself. We’ll deliver. Expect more details on Xe graphics in 20 days.”

Since the tweet was deleted, we are not entirely sure whether the promise still exists. There is always the possibility that it is an error or a plan change. But the big day (if any) should be August 13th, so we’ll definitely be looking for announcements.

What Xe graphics does Intel refer to?

Apart from the fact that the tweet had disappeared, it was already a little bit mysterious. Since Intel has taken over the Xe moniker for both integrated graphics and the upcoming discrete graphics cards, we are not sure which they refer to in this tweet.

We’re also not sure whether this new announcement is a simple update or an actual product launch. Given that Intel has been struggling with 7nm and 10nm nodes lately, this seems to be more of a presentation or an update than a full product launch. But it is for everyone at the moment.

Aside from August 13, Intel has actually planned some events for the next few months. On August 17th, a speech will be delivered by David Blythe, Senior Fellow and Director of Graphics Architecture at Intel. This speech will deal with the Xe-GPU architecture and take place during the hot chips event. Since this comes so close to the Xe Graphics update announced in the tweet, we wonder if it was simply moved to the hot chips event instead.

After that event, Intel also planned a virtual event for September 2nd. All we know about this event is that Intel says they have “something big” to reveal. The assumption is that Intel will post its 11th generation Tiger Lake processors here – which will also include Intel Gen12 Xe graphics.

Whenever Xe graphics are announced, Intel is likely to have a big year ahead. We will definitely be looking for Xe graphics announcements next month. So be sure to check here to get the latest news.

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