Internet consumption in Spain after the quality limitation of Netflix

The CNMC has analyzed how traffic has changed following a report by the BEREC published a few days ago. BEREC is the European telecommunications regulator, and has detected a stabilization of the use of networks in countries such as Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal and Slovakia, although the consumption is still very high; especially compared to how it was before the period of confinement. Only Slovenia and Italy are still experiencing traffic increases.

Internet consumption has stabilized

Despite the increase in consumption, the networks are well dimensioned, and there have been no problems of congestion on the Internet, although according to BEREC there were some other problems to make phone calls in highly populated areas.

The stabilization of consumption, according to BEREC, has been helped thanks to the changes introduced by the streaming platforms how Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, HBO or Facebook, which have reduced the bitrate of their videos, and in the case of YouTube, it applies the default 480p quality when opening the videos from the mobile to save data.

It was the European Commission itself that asked streaming platforms to reduce the quality of their videos so that operators did not have saturation problems, and France, Germany and the Netherlands that this measure has helped stabilize traffic.

The CNMC also details that, although the net traffic neutralityExceptions may be made where operators may treat traffic differently to “avoid impending network congestion and mitigate the effects of temporary or exceptional network congestion, provided that equivalent categories of traffic are treated equitably.”

Europe praises the measures of operators and government on the Internet

BEREC praises many of the measures that have been taken in Spain and in other European countries, such as the case of give gigabytes to users, ask that a responsible consumption from the Internet, and prohibit network outage and portabilities. Therefore, we see that the measures are working, and that the network consumption is stable at the moment. When the de-escalation begins, it will begin to drop to previous levels, although it may still be a long way off.

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