Internet Second Residence: Movistar installation price increase

The rates for second residences are a reality in the Spanish market. Since Movistar launched Internet Segunda Residencia, its main competitors have jumped on the bandwagon sooner or later. Currently, all have these rates that are usually offered to customers with convergent modalities. In the case of Movistar, this rate is valid only for Fusion clients and its price will depend on the modality that we have contracted. Also, from now on you will have a higher installation price, something that was not started before by the coronavirus pandemic.

Antonio Lorenzo confirms in the Economist that Telefónica has decided to increase the cost of installing its special product for second homes. In this case, it increases from the 30 euros that have been charged to date to a total of 50 euros in a single initial payment. This means increasing the cost of installation 66%. This payment serves to cover the expenses related to the technician’s displacement, the works of a new installation and the rest of the concepts.

This is something that Movistar had planned to do in Holy WeekBut the coronavirus health crisis would have halted all plans. The operator did not contemplate making such a rise in this situation and preferred to wait for this phase of new normality. From now on, the single cost of installing this product without permanence for Fusion customers will be 50 euros.

This is how the Movistar Second Residence Internet is now

Internet Second Residence with connectivity Fiber 10 Mb, ADSL Maximum Speed ​​or Internet Radio According to coverage, it is available for clients Fusion Plus Selection with all Soccer, Fusion Plus Selection with Fiction, Fusion Selection with LaLiga, Fusion Selection with Champions, Base Fusion and Fusion 0. The product includes fixed line and Internet Fiber, ADSL Maximum Speed ​​or Internet Radio according to availability of coverage.

Internet Second Residence of Movistar

The client, who must prove that the address of that second residence belongs to him, must pay the following monthly fees:

  • Total Plus Fusion and Total Plus Fusion 4 lines – 15 euros
  • Total Merger – 20 euros
  • Other compatible Fusion products – 30 euros

The Movistar Second Residence Internet product no commitment to stay, but it will be necessary to pay the activation cost if we unsubscribe to reactivate it again. This is Movistar’s first price rise since March, when it raised the prices of several of its Fusion products in exchange for unlimited data and other improvements.

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