Interview with Box CEO: "The future of work is digital first"

“It is the first time in history that there is one big event, in this case a health crisis, which is the logical consequence of digital transformation,” said Boxing CEO Aaron Levie in a video conference with European journalists. Because social distancing means by definition that digital interfaces have to be used as a means of communication and transaction.

And of course you also have to be able to move the data somehow. According to Levie, Box has become one of the leading tools that companies can use to achieve this. “We were happy to be able to play this role for so many of our customers. It really showed them how important, how critical this infrastructure is for is the support of their company. “

As the Box CEO reported, the development from the “nice-to-have” cooperation tool to business-critical infrastructure took place across all industries. Use by national and local authorities has increased by 140 percent, companies in the health care and life science sectors have used Box to maintain critical business processes, banks have turned to Box to bring new customers on board and to work with them, Media and entertainment companies would have kept important processes going on box, and, and, and.