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iOS 13.5.1 vs iOS 13.6

iOS 13.5.1 vs iOS 13.6

Battery test iOS 13.5.1 vs iOS 13.6

With each new release of an update, many are the users who quickly and running update their devices to check first-hand, what are the innovations that Apple has introduced, something that I do not particularly recommend, since it does not cost anything to wait a few hours to see if the user community is pronounced on it.

The latest update already available for both the iPhone and iPad is iOS 13.6, an update that was released in the middle of this past week and has already passed the testing of the guys at iAppleBytes. On this occasion, you have installed this new version of iOS on the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2020.

As in all the tests carried out by these guys, the application used in Geekbench. The tests were carried out 4 days after installation, when the operating system has already settled and the battery consumption is back to normal. What is the result: bad.

All the models that have participated in this test have obtained worse battery life than with the previous versions. On some occasions, some other device has seen how the battery life was reduced compared to the previous version, but one or two models, not all of which have been part of this test.

iAppleBytes always waits between 3 and 4 days to perform these battery consumption tests, so this time, unless Apple has touched something it has not said, there is no reason to consume the latest version of iOS Currently available, iOS 13.6, is more excessive than previous versions.

Are you having battery problems with iOS 13.6? In some of the support forums I have read the odd comment, but nothing that is representative. See if with any luck, the guys at iAppleBytes do this same test again to see if the battery consumption problem was due to the fact that the operating system had not yet settled properly.

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