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IOS 13.6.1 is now available to solve the green hue that the screen was showing

IOS 13.6.1 is now available to solve the green hue that the screen was showing

iOS 13

When we believed in iOS 13.6 it would be the last update that iOS 13 will receive, from Apple’s servers a new update was launched yesterday, a minor update which solves some of the problems that some users had after installing iOS 13.6, an update that introduced Car Keys and audio news in Apple News +.

This new update is available on all devices compatible with iOS 13 and solves the problem that some users found who saw their devices not automatically delete unnecessary files from the system when storage space was low.

Another problem that has been solved with the launch of this new update is found in that some terminals showed a green hue due to a heat dissipation problem.

Finally, the last bug that has been solved with this new (and probably the last iOS 13 update) is found in the exposure notifications, notifications that for some users were disabled.

Although Apple claims that the green hue problem displayed on the screen was due to heat dissipation, many users claim that this problem arose when they were completely in the dark and without the heat being related to this problem.

IOS 14 Betas

We are currently in the fourth beta of iOS 14, a beta whose battery consumption is higher than the first beta, although it should not be like that as we show you in this article where we compare the battery consumption of the latest beta of iOS 14, the first and the latest versions of iOS 13.

Unfortunately, as Apple has released new versions, the battery consumption has been increasing, a problem that will likely be fixed, or should be fixed, when the final version of iOS 14 is released, a final version that should arrive in September, but that could be delayed if Apple wants to make it coincide with the launch of the new iPhone 12 range .

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