iOS 14 adds animated covers to playlists

Apple Music iOS 14

On June 22, Apple presented some of the news, especially the main ones, which will come from iOS 14. As the days have gone by, and the developers and users have installed the first beta, little by little, let’s discovering new features and utilities which, being minor, were not mentioned at the event.

Today we are talking about Apple Music. Apple’s streaming music service application will add enhancements such as a new Listen Now tab, improved search and auto play. Continuing with the design changes, we will also find animated playlist covers.

Within the Listen tab we can now see how the images or covers of the playlists, radio stations, albums … they are now bigger. Some of these playback options now show an animation, animation that is not useful but gives a very cool touch to the application.

These animations are mainly found in the playlists created by Apple But we can also find them in lists that users create, according to Benjamin Mayo of 9to5Mac. The animations are short and some of them look like simple live wallpapers that we can find on iOS, showing short and colorful sequences that are looped.

Improved search in iOS 14

With iOS 14, Apple allows us to search for songs by adding a large number of filters among which we find the genre, mood, activity in addition to show suggestions in search results as we type.

In addition, new filters have also been added to the library to make it easier to find specific artists, albums and playlists in our library. If you stopped using Apple Music because of the very basic search system it offers, now with iOS 14, You should give it a try again.

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