iOS 14 solves a huge keyboard "bug"

IOS users know that the keyboard is not exactly one of the strong points in terms of prediction, especially if we have certain features activated. However, the inconsistent performance shown by other third-party keyboards like the Gboard for iOS, it makes the majority of users end up betting directly on the native version.

However, our testing of iOS 14 in its early “beta” phases gives us details about some tweaks that the Cupertino company has also done on the keyboard. One of the most annoying problems with the iPhone predictive keyboard has been solved with the arrival of iOS 14.

When in the keyboard settings you have activated the functionality of the “automatic capitals” you find some nonsense corrections that the keyboard of your iPhone performs despite having no logic. An example is the word “the light”, that in the vast majority of cases it was corrected by “The light” for no apparent reason. Like this, Apple’s keyboard for the iPhone has a few additional problems, such as not capitalizing certain names. However, in Beta 3 of iOS 14 we have noticed that the problem has improved considerably.

Although it is true that we are in a “beta” phase and that these changes are not necessarily going to be available with the arrival of the final version. However, this constant of capitalization problems seems slightly corrected today. On the other hand, we find some typical “LAG” in the iOS testing phases that we hope will disappear in the future. Be that as it may, Apple still has work ahead with its keyboard, and it seems that the future is looking quite well considering the current performance. We will continue telling you all the news.

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