IPhone 12 A14 processor images leaked


If a couple of days ago we were commenting on the leaked photos of the possible screens of the new iPhone 12, today it is the turn of the processor A14. It is clear that the manufacture of the components of the next iPhone is already underway.

And although Apple prohibits it, it will be almost impossible to prevent some information from leaking from the manufacturing chain of these components. Seeing these photos does not give us anything, a simple black chip with the A14 screen-printed, but we are interested to know that the components of the iPhone 12 are already being manufactured in July. Good sign indicating that by October they may already be on the market.

New leaked photos of a component of the new iPhone 12. If a couple of days ago we were commenting on the appearance of some photographs that could be of the panels of the 5.4 inch iPhone 12 screens, Today we show those of the RAM of the A14 chipset.

The pictures show a unit of the A14 RAM chip on the front and rear, filtered by Mr. White in his account Twitter. Mr. White is a known filter-maker who has previously shared accurate images and details about future Apple products.

The images only show the strict numbers on these chips. The date “2016” on this particular chip refers to the Week 16 of 2020, indicating that the chip was manufactured in April this year.

This new processor is the first one manufactured by TSMC with a manufacturing process of 5nm chips. Leaked benchmarks indicate that the chip can be twice as fast as the iPad Pro’s A12Z Bionic.

One thing is clear: these different leaks and those that will appear indicate that the components of the future iPhone 12 are already being manufactured in the month of July. It is a good sign to think that in October we can already see the new iPhones on the market.

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