iPhone 12: Bad news for Apple fans

In the past few months there have been several back and forth around the supposed date of the start of sales of the iPhone 12. Now there are again indications that we have to wait a little longer for Apple’s new smartphones.

iPhone 2020

iPhone 12: Qualcomm warns of delays in an important smartphone launch

We remember the past year when Apple and the chip and mobile communications specialist Qualcomm surprisingly agreed on the use of 5G chips in upcoming iPhones. At the same time, the iPhone manufacturer said goodbye to Intel as a partner for the modems, only to incorporate its mobile phone department a few months later. Now it is exactly Qualcomm, whose chief financial officer apparently revealed the somewhat later start of sales of the iPhone 12 as part of the presentation of the latest quarterly figures.

As The Verge reports, citing an Reuters interview with Qualcomm’s chief financial office Akash Palkhiwala, the chip maker had to cut expectations for its third quarter, July to September 2020. Initially, analysts had expected higher forecasts, but due to a “delayed launch of a flagship smartphone” Qualcomm could not meet these expectations.

No specific names or products were mentioned, but it seems to be clear that this is Apple’s iPhone 12. It is now a tradition that the Cupertino company will launch its new smartphones in September and start selling them a little later, but still in the same month. The latter could be delayed a bit – similar to the iPhone X or iPhone XR.

According to the Qualcomm CFO, however, this delay should only be brief. So it is quite possible that sales will start in October, but still slip into the next quarter.

The iPhone 12 will most likely be equipped with iOS 14 at the factory. Here are some of the new features in the new smartphone operating system:

iPhone 12 in October: Leaker agrees

In addition to the statements from Qualcomm, Leaker Jon Prosser also spoke on Twitter, who had already correctly predicted various performance dates in the past. According to Prosser, not only the new iPhone, but also new iPads should appear in October.

Such a short delay for the start of sales, as mentioned above, is not entirely new. Interested customers with the iPhone X had to be patient in 2017 to receive the smartphone in early November. A year later, it was the iPhone XR that was only in stores in October.

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