IPhone 12 to launch in 2020

iPhone 12 dummy

The arrival of the iPhone 12 begins to become extremely complicated, if even the Cupertino company itself was giving until recently some indication that the iPhone 12 It would end up being delayed more than usual due to the special situation that is being experienced around the world, now comes news that could make clear this delay and the launch procedure to follow.

News arrives from Apple providers that point to a phased launch of the iPhone 12 and the rest of the devices in the range. Apple’s release schedule is completely broken today.

According Digitimes Some of the materials necessary for the manufacture of the iPhone 12 have arrived at the manufacturing warehouses with delay due to the crisis generated by the COVID-19, in fact some of the suppliers have not yet started with the shipment of these materials nor have they thought do it until the last quarter of the year, so the iPhone 12 would be manufactured with the materials accumulated in the warehouse previously.

Notably It is not the first time that Apple makes a staggered launch In certain parts of the world, something similar happened at the time with the iPhone X back in 2017.

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This is where the differences between “first-rate” and “second-rate” markets begin for Apple, where Spain is usually relegated to a second echelon in almost all cases, devices reaching countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom and China first. We cannot be offended that Apple carries out this distribution mechanism in accordance with the market share that apple phones have in Spain.

According to rumors, two 6.1-inch devices would hit the market first and then the 6.7-inch and 5.4-inch models would be launched respectively.

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