iPhone 12 unusually small: try out the new smartphone size yourself

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In the fall, Apple will radically redesign the iPhone line – which will also bring new display sizes. A modern Face ID smartphone should then already be available with a 5.4-inch screen instead of the previous 5.8-inch. You can now try it out for yourself, quite easily on your own cell phone.

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iPhone 12 5.4 inches: Experience the Apple smartphone in your hand now

Apple is due to present four new iPhone 12 models this autumn – the first details are already known for the prices of the new Apple smartphone. What many Apple fans will be particularly happy about is the new display sizes. While the Pro models each get a slightly larger display, the iPhone 12 gets a smaller model to the side without adding a name. That should have a screen diagonal of 5.4 inches and will be a good deal smaller than the larger iPhone 12. The latter should – like the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 have a display with a diagonal of 6.1 inches.

Models are already making the rounds for the smaller iPhone 12, but so far only a few have been able to hold the new smartphone in their own hands. So far: Macrumors has created special pictures to show the homescreen of the new mobile phone in life size. This gives you an impression of how small the iPhone 12 will actually be.

The smallest iPhone with Face ID is the iPhone 11 Pro with its 5.8-inch display:

“Download” iPhone 12 to your own iPhone

The images created by Macrumors are adapted to current iPhone models with Face ID. This means that the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max as well as the direct predecessors can at least guess how big or small the new 5.4-inch iPhone will feel.

Macrumors has created versions for left and right handed users. This allows you to estimate how many more app icons you can reach with your thumb in the future.

Here you can download the pictures of Macrumors. You can view them directly in Safari on iPhone or add them to the photo library. When viewed there in full screen, advises Macrumors, the best effect results:

The 5.4-inch iPhone cannot be viewed on the iPhone SE; after all, the cheapest iPhone with its 4.5-inch display is too small to display the new mobile phone in life size.

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