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IPhone 12 will rise in price and sell more than ever

IPhone 12 will rise in price and sell more than ever

The iPhone 12 will be slightly more expensive than the iPhone 11 despite not including a charger or headphones in the box, according to an analyst.

The rumors around the iPhone 12 They do not stop, and as their announcement date approaches, the leaks continue their effort to reveal as much information as possible about the terminal. If it was recently revealed that Apple’s new smartphone will not include charger or headphones in its box, now an analyst has stated that, even so, the price of the bitten apple company’s smartphone will go up and despite this will sell more than ever.

Analyst Jeff Pu, in a report provided to MacRumors has stated that the price of the iPhone 12, which will be officially released next September, will increase slightly compared to that of the iPhone 11. According to Pu, the new smartphone from the bitten apple company will be priced at $ 749 for the 5.4-inch screen model, which is an increase of $ 50 over the base model of the iPhone 11, which was released for $ 699.

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A leak suggests that the iPhone 12 will be more expensive despite not including a charger or headphones.

This slight increase of $ 50 is due in part to the addition of the 5G network technology and OLED display It will be available on all iPhone 12 models, according to the same analyst. It should be remembered that the iPhone 11 does not have 5G and has an LCD screen. But that is not all, since the same analyst believes that the price increase will be “accepted by consumers” and “Will not affect demand”. Of course, this increase would generate controversy if finally the headphones and the charger are not included in the box as has been rumored.

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IPhone 12 will be slightly more expensive than iPhone 11 despite not including a charger or headphones in the box

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Apple ranks second in the ranking of the world’s most valuable technology brands.

Therefore, despite the price increase, it is expected that iPhone 12 sells more than ever. At the same source they wanted to predict the price of the rest of the models in the series, suggesting that the iPhone with a 6.1-inch screen will probably have a starting price of $ 799 or $ 899, which would mean an increase of $ 100 or $ 150 compared to the iPhone 11 of the same size.

At the moment it is unknown if this price increase will also extend to Pro and Pro Max models, which currently have a cost of $ 999 and $ 1,099, respectively. However, this information must be taken with caution, since they are hardly a prediction by an analyst.

Next September the iPhone 12 will be officially presented and in that same moment all the details of the new Cupertino signature smartphone will be announced, such as its specifications, characteristics, date of departure and price. Therefore, for now, it only remains to wait a bit to meet one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year.

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