iPhone and iPad apps for musicians: 5 useful applications

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Which apps do you need as a musician on iPhone and iPad? GIGA offers recommendations for every music genre. No matter what instrument you play.

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Those were the days when the metronome cost 80 Deutschmarks. Today, this task is done by an app for 2 euros. A clock, you need it as a support on iPhone or iPad. It starts with our tips, for download in the App Store you can get to the respective info box above the screenshots:

Apps for musicians: 1. Composing on the iPad

A few years ago, I was looking for a good notation app for the iPad. I was not really happy with any application, although NotateMe started solidly. Now there is StaffPad for the Apple tablet. The app, originally developed for Windows, comes with a handwriting recognition on the iPad. Apple promptly awarded the application with the Design Award 2020, impressed by how well the handwritten notation is recognized, converted into typewriting and played back.

In fact, this works properly. Well, if you write notes smoothly, you probably smear a little too much (at least I) that StaffPad cannot recognize. The typeface must be reasonably clean. Above all my staccato points are mostly interpreted by the app’s automatic as notes. In general, you can say: The StaffPad is already well usable and offers a lot of potential. I’m looking forward to the updates. Finally there is a reasonable music notation app!

Apple Pencil (1st generation)

Apple Pencil (1st generation)

You can set the notes in StaffPad with your finger. Writing notes becomes practical only when you use an Apple Pencil.

Apps for musicians: 2. The cheap metronome

The app tempo not only costs a fraction of a mechanical cycle, but also offers useful special functions. You can tap the beats of music on a tab surface, the app then shows the played tempo. Virtual LEDs visualize the beats – practical when you have to mute the click. In addition, you can quickly get to voice tones and create a set list.

Apps for musicians: 3. The free iOS recording studio

GarageBand presents itself like a toy country, and that’s probably why the free app from Apple is mostly underestimated. Because the recording studio is far more powerful and extensive than it looks at first glance. The serious functions are somewhat lost in the entry-level focus.

But the application is suitable even for smaller semi-professional mixes – at least in their initial phase. Then you can easily transfer a project to Mac. GarageBand offers even more options here, for example, the maximum of 32 audio tracks becomes 255. And should the functions not be sufficient, you can import everything into Logic Pro X.

Apps for musicians: 4. The most beautiful piano sound for iPhone & iPad

Piano sound is not only used in recordings, but also to, for example, play a vocal part or try out harmonies. The sound of the keyboard instrument is very familiar to Europeans; The tones are clearly recognizable.

Often the piano in GarageBand should be enough. But there are better – or more precisely: other – piano sounds. I like it even better than the Natural Grand in the App Module from the instrument specialist Korg Ravenscroft 275. Crunchy enough, but not too sharp like some competition and with a nice piano – a few high and low notes in the video above.

IK Multimedia iRig Keys 2 Pro Keyboard for iOS, Android, Mac, PC

IK Multimedia iRig Keys 2 Pro Keyboard for iOS, Android, Mac, PC

Of course, importing is easier with a master keyboard that is connected to the iOS device via USB / Lightning. Alternatively, at least a compact one is used keyboard how iRig Keys for iPhone and iPad.

Attention, with some competing products you also need the Apple Camera Connection Kit.

Apps for musicians: 5. The instrument box for iOS

Which instrument package you buy depends very much on the purpose and style of music. Interesting all-in-one solution is SampleTank by IK Multimedia. By the way: If you buy the above-mentioned keyboard iRig Keys 2 from the same provider, you shouldn’t forget to redeem the enclosed code for SampleTank 4 SE!

Other recommended instrument and beat apps for musicians:

The latter app noise from Roli is primarily for those Roli– Hardware designed. Modular pads and keyboards make you more versatile than classic midi keyboards.

Enough music? Here are recommendations for other apps in the video:

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