Iphone and Samsung Galaxy soon without charging cable and headphones?

At the moment, there is growing evidence that the new generations of the top dogs in smartphones should be delivered without the otherwise mandatory headphones, charging cables and power supplies. However, this is not a direct symptom of further innovation, but has other reasons.

Anyone who can afford a new Iphone has to dig deeper from year to year – the price increase for the smartphone from the manufacturer from Cupertino in California is anything but a secret: since the first generation of the Apple prestige series, which at that time was the worldwide one The triumphal march of smartphones ushered in, the purchase price for handheld telephones roughly doubled. The fact that a short charging cable with USB power plug and the manufacturer’s own cable headsets are always included with the past new editions of the Iphones upon delivery is hardly to be understood as a generous gift from the Apple group to its loyal customers – but as a basic accessory that the buyer of the premium smartphones actually expected in the scope of delivery of the devices.

For a longer charging cable, the larger 12W power supply for fast battery charging or even the wireless earbuds from Apple, you will have to use additional wiring anyway. Incidentally, this applies to all accessories of the cult group: For a Bluetooth keyboard, which has long been without an apple key, at least 120 euros are now available over the counter. Quite steep – but customers are still doing it well.

5G upgrade as a trigger

The tech portal “The Verge” now reports, citing various similar media reports, that the latest iPhone should no longer be accompanied by the usual accessories. But not because the new Iphones would now dispense entirely with the Lightning connection and only be charged via the Qi system without a plug – in fact, the upgrade of the hardware to 5G compatibility of the devices should be so expensive for the manufacturer that the accessories are simply deleted from the scope of delivery for economic reasons.

If you believe further media reports (including from “Futurezone”), the big Apple competitor Samsung is probably also in the clinch for dominance on the smartphone market to try to pull through the radical streamlining of accessories in future models of its Galaxy series. The tech giant from South Korea is said to act from similar motives as permanent competitor Apple.

Rip-off or step towards sustainability?

Measured by the tons of electronic waste that are constantly accumulating due to the short renewal cycles in the tech and smartphone area, the saving on accessories on the part of the manufacturers is not just a negative signal – although the motives for the corresponding step are realistically more in the purely economic sense Self-interest of the groups are to be located. Nonetheless, it can hardly be denied that many Apple Afficionados could easily do without the next set of standard accessories when buying an iPhone – drawer graveyards full of unused 5W power supplies and hopelessly knotted cable earbuds speak a more than clear language .

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