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iPhone, MacBook etc. cheaper all at once

iPhone, MacBook etc. cheaper all at once

Actually, Apple almost never just lowers its own prices, but now they started using red pencil. The reason: the current VAT reduction in Germany. GIGA reveals what the iPhone, MacBook and Co. now cost and how long the new prices are valid at all.


Without prior notice, the Apple Online Store in Germany said goodbye in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday to come back later with reduced prices. The surprise was perfect: Apple actually passes the temporary reduction in VAT from 19 to 16 percent on to customers. As a result, all products were reduced. Would you like some examples?

Apple announces the VAT reduction by: New prices for iPhone, MacBooks etc.

The iPhone SE no longer starts at 479 euros, but only costs 466.90 euros. The AirPods Pro no longer want to be paid with 279 euros, but with 271.95 euros. The discount is of course larger for more expensive products – the MacBook Pro with 16-inch display therefore no longer costs 2,699 euros, but only 2,630.95 euros. What stands out: Since Apple completely passes on the price savings, the gross prices all look a bit strange and out of round in the end.

But if you do the math and remind that the discount is only 2.52 percent, you have to know the following. The VAT is always initially calculated on the net price, which is why the current reduction in tax will deduct the 3 percentage points from 119 percent of the previous total price. In the end, this gives an effective discount of 2.52 percent and not 3 percent (or 1.87 percent instead of 2 percent).

This also makes the new iPhone SE even cheaper. And this is how the “cheap” iPhone does at GIGA:

And how long will Apple’s new prices apply? As part of a larger economic pact, Germany will lower VAT in the time frame from July 1 to December 31, 2020. Apple will most likely continue to hold the new prices for this long. However, they are not obliged to do so, because even if they only have to pay the lower tax sales to the state, they are not obliged to adjust the final prices accordingly. Legally, Apple could simply put the tax advantage in its own pocket. However, you probably don’t want to give yourself the nakedness after all.

A comparison of the two current smartphones from Apple:

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New Apple prices: is the discount worth it?

Are the new prices worth it? Well, you will hardly find bargains, because the normal trade offers Apple products anyway cheaper. Take AirPods Pro, for example: As the current price comparison shows, you can get it elsewhere for a little over 210 euros, Apple’s new cost price of 271.95 euros is not really cheap. And the trade also wins with the larger products. The above-mentioned MacBook Pro with 16-inch display is available in stores for well under 2,400 euros, because Apple can not really lure with its 2,630.95 euros. But if you were planning to buy directly from Apple either way, you will certainly be happy about the small discount.

Noteworthy: There is no discount in the Apple App Store and Mac App Store – the prices for apps and software are not touched and the price levels remain the same. A changeover was probably too complicated for Apple.

Sven Kaulfuss
Sven Kaulfuss, GIGA expert for Apple, antiques and old-fashioned sayings.

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