IPhone SE 2020 has supported Apple sales in the second quarter

iPhone SE

Apple launched the iPhone SE 2020 months ago, an iPhone with the same benefits as the iPhone 11 but at half its price and with the same design as the 4.7-inch iPhone 8. This new iPhone is undoubtedly an excellent bet to attract Android users.

New device sales data during the coronavirus pandemic shows us how all manufacturers have seen their sales drop. In the case of Apple, sales fell by 23% during the second quarter of 2020, but thanks to the iPhone SE 2020, sales didn’t drop any further.

Sales iPhone 2020 Q2

Samsung has been the least affected company during the pandemic, with a reduction in sales volume of only 10% in the second quarter, followed by Alcatel with 11%. Apple is in third position with a fall of 23%, followed by LG with 35%, OnePlus with 60%, Motorola with 62% and ZTE with 68%.

According to director of research for Counterpoint Research in North America, Jeff Fieldhack, Apple sales during the second quarter have been largely supported by iPhone SE 2020, a device that is selling above expectations and will not cannibalize iPhone 12 sales.

Apple volumes grew during the quarter and were especially helped by iPhone SE volumes. The device has been successful and sold above expectations on the postpaid and prepaid channels.

Since the launch of the iPhone SE, carrier stores and national retail have reopened. Some channels saw huge promotions to lure shoppers back to stores. This was especially true at Walmart, T-Mobile Metro, and Boost.

Our checks show that iPhone SE sales are unlikely to be cannibalizing the decline in iPhone 5G sales. Buyers of the iPhone SE are more pragmatic in terms of price, less concerned with 5G, and the smaller screen is not considered a drag.

Fieldhack claims 26% of buyers of the new iPhone SE come from Android, while 30% were using an iPhone 6s or older.

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