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Among all the mobiles we have to choose from in the market, one option that must always be valued is that of Apple and its iPhones, especially if we are talking about iPhone SE 2020. The expected high-performance smartphone for a cheap price from the firm came to renew what was already a success in sales and now we are also going to be able to get it at a lower price in Movistar thanks to its offer.

In the search for a mobile with good features at a reduced price, there is no doubt that this iPhone SE 2020 is the ideal option, especially if we have already tested the Apple ecosystem where order, facilities and the relationship between all its different sections are studied in detail. It is a mobile designed to last a long time and make our investment count.

The cheapest iPhone SE and how you like it the most

One of the aspects to value of the offer that allows us to buy the iPhone SE in Movistar for only 479 euros is that it is available in all colors. In other places we find it more expensive but also without stock in some colors such as the striking red or the always elegant black. Among the features that we will be able to enjoy with this apple smartphone we find the A13 Bionic chip that offers us the best performance ever seen on a smartphone when combined with iOS 13 and soon iOS 14 for all users.

iPhone SE 2020 black

In cameras, its 1 Mpx lens is capable of getting outstanding photos with Apple processing and offering a portrait mode to photograph people that will allow us to take great photos this summer. To store all possible photos and videos we have at our disposal all the models 64 GB, 128 GB or up to 256 GB in Movistar and yes, also with the lowest price.

The promotions that complete the offer

In order to enjoy even more if possible this summer of our new iPhone, we will be able to combine the offer with one of the many Movistar rates for contract or prepayment without permanence. We recommend you not wait too long because this offer can change overnight and also, the iPhone SE 2020 will only be at that tempting price until August 19.

Call toll free 900 501 047 to contract the Movistar Infinite Contract rate

One of the most recommended options for summer and what is to come with next winter is the Mobile Rate INFINITE CONTRACT that offers us to use our smartphone without limitations thanks to unlimited calls and data with a big discount. Just by calling the phone number 900 501 047 We are going to be able to save up to 180 euros, paying 24.95 euros a month.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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