IPhone XR is the world's most valuable phone

According to a recent study, the Apple iPhone XR is the phone that has lost the least value over time and that we are talking about a device from 2018. Not bad for a phone that many thought was going to be a resounding failure.

Although Android phones have many advantages over Apple devices, Cupertino brand smartphones win by a hit in one respect: their phones devalue much less over time. That is, that a high-end Android phone over the years has much less sales value than one from Apple.

Because if the price of a Samsung phone falls in half in just six months, this does not happen with an Apple phone. A clear example is what we found in a recent study of the SellCell portal, possibly the most important smartphone price comparison web portal in the world, which has discovered that the iPhone XR, a device of 2018, It is the phone that has been least devalued today or what is the same, it is the most valuable phone today.

Apple can put out its chest, its iPhone XR is the most valuable phone in the world

iPhone XR rear

The iPhone XR is currently the phone with the best market value, not bad for a device of 2018

Introduced in 2018, the iPhone XR came under the critical gaze of many enlightened. All these people filled their mouths saying that the Apple device would be a failure because of its screen and a “high” price. Well, the reality was a very different one. The iPhone XR became the world’s best-selling phone overnight, second only to its successor, the iPhone 11.

A well-balanced phone with excellent performance, a remarkable camera and a design that only the Cupertino brand knows how to do. A smartphone that today has become the most valuable phone in the world because two years after its launch, only 53.2% of its original price has been devalued. Not bad for a phone that aimed to be a failure.

As for other terminals that came out more or less around the time of the iPhone XR, it is surprising that the iPhone XS Max and normal XS have only lost 56% of their value. Another very different thing is if we look at the values ​​of Android phones. The Samsung Galaxy S9 has dropped 76% of its value, as well as the Google Pixel 3 with almost 80%. Worse is the case of devices from brands such as Sony or LG, whose retail value has fallen to almost 90% of their original price.

Sara Cell McConomi, Head of SellCell stated that: “Many users think that Apple phones are very expensive, but what they do not realize is that if they want to sell them after two years, they will get a much higher resale value than with any other brand”. And reason is not lacking.

Remember that we at Andro4all made an interesting guide on how to sell a phone at the best price and that is that in addition to taking care of it and keeping it pristine, patience and not being in a hurry is the key to get the most value in the second-hand market.

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