Is it reliable to buy masks online on AliExpress?

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The current health situation due to the coronavirus has led dozens of companies to decide to remove their share of the cut with masks and articles intended to preserve people’s health. It is a fact, there are more than a hundred stores on pages such as AliExpress with masks, visors and protective screens with custom prints and different levels of protection. The doubt before this type of articles has to do precisely with the real security that they offer. Is it really reliable to buy masks online, and more specifically, on AliExpress? Let’s see what the experts say.

The craziest things you can buy on Aliexpress

Be careful with KN95 masks

For some time now, KN95 certified masks have established themselves as the best alternative to European FFP2. In fact, they are the most common type of mask in most stores present in the Asian giant.

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In theory, these types of masks offer a level of particle filtering of up to 95%, as suggested by their own name. Just yesterday, the Medical Writing website published a list of all the masks that currently fail to meet the level of protection they promise. From all the masks with KN95 certification we can conclude that most do not meet the percentage promised by Asian certification.

The average percentage it ranges from 50 to 65% in the best case, figures that are far from the 95% promised by the standard. To this we must add that the KN95 certification is not regulated in Europe, so it has not been possible to verify if the KN95 comply with the conditions imposed by the sanitary requirements of the European Union.

Not all that glitters is gold

In the original article of Medical Writing, the disclosure portal published another list with several masks that do not have the indicated certificate and that are also a copy of other masks that in theory do meet the level of filtering of the certification. Between them, several with 3M KN95, KN90 and KN95 certification.

And it is that despite having CE labeling, the truth is that do not comply with the European Union certification. From we recommend you take a look at the original article of Medical Writing to know the complete list of masks that do not comply with the sanitary recommendations.

Printed masks are good for showing off and little else

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So is. Most masks that feature image prints and textures lack any certification. A good part of these masks they only have a single fabric to protect us from external agents. It goes without saying that they lack a filter, something that is quite common in masks designed for children and infants.

And not to mention delivery times

It is not something that catches us by surprise. AliExpress delivery times They go from 2 or 3 weeks to a month and a half or 2 months. As much as the store is committed to shipping as quickly as possible, the average shipping time ranges from the figures just mentioned.

Conclusion, cheap can be expensive

Playing with health can be quite expensive. And not only in economic terms. From we strongly recommend going to pharmacies or specialized stores to buy masks that comply with current legislation. Being regulated by the Ministry of Health itself, the unit price is much cheaper than the one that we can find in certain AliExpress stores.

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